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McKean’s Excavating can provide you with a variety of excavation services such as lot clearing and preparation, foundation excavation and backfilling, repairs to existing drain tile or new drain tile installation, septic system design & installation, landscape design, driveway installation, grading, compacting and other general site works.


McKean’s offers a range of heavy equipment and excavators to tackle any size of project. Our equipment is equipped with a full range of attachments to accommodate any site: hydraulic hammers, compactors, crushers, and rippers. Versatility in attachments means you only have to deal with one company, thus reducing time and money spent on the project. Our services include basement construction, driveways, septic system installation, landscaping and site development. We also facilitate the delivery of construction and landscaping materials, such as sand, gravel, topsoil, heavy stone and granite.


From beautiful walkways, patios, stairways, retaining walls and more, incorporating hardscape features into your outdoor space makes a big statement and is an investment you’ll enjoy for many years. The pros at McKean’s Excavating will examine your property, and provide you with creative ideas for hardscape features that use a variety of materials and textures to maximize functionality and visual interest, enhance your existing landscaping, and set the tone you envision for your space. We focus on using local materials and granite to help blend seamlessly into your natural Muskoka landscape.


Most people think about the building process and the finished results, but construction usually begins with deconstruction. Though taking apart a structure or clearing undeveloped land doesn’t appear to take much skill, knowing the right tools and techniques for demolition makes the job faster and safer. McKean’s utilizes the latest safety and controlled demolition techniques. Furthermore, upon demolition or deconstruction we re-use or recycle as much material as possible, which increases the life of landfills. Recycling reduces waste and subsequently reduces disposal costs.


Site preparation in inaccessible, remote locations is our specialty. Whether it entails a barge ride and subsequent transport of an excavator to a remote area, or developing intricate landscapes for waterfront developments, McKean’s has the expertise and experience to take on these projects. McKean’s also offers experienced, skilled professionals dedicated to safety, and sensitive to the environment. Our experts analyse the site and make recommendations accordingly.


McKean’s Excavating is a licensed septic system contractor serving home and rural cottage owners in the Muskoka region. From small repairs to complete system replacement or installation of a new system, we can service all your septic needs. Our team has the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide full service design, install and maintenance of on-site septic tanks and systems, taking great care in protecting your existing landscaping over and around your septic system which can often pose a challenge to many homeowners. Let us help you set up a high quality septic tank system that protects the balance of your landscape and will last for years to come.

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